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Teaching the Future of Real Estate




Featured Speakers

Licensed Realtor & Ordained Prophet

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April 6th

10 AM - 11:30 AM CST

Live Webinar

Educate-Execute-Experience-Economic Empowerment

Renewal & Awakening of Real Estate Prosperity from a Kingdom Perspective, With intent to build a prosperous real estate portfolio through education & execution. While improving the condition of communities across the globe.


Shelia Wilson King has worked over 30 years in Management, Leadership, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Loss Mitigation, Customer Service, Relationship Management, Litigation, Author & Licensed Realtor. Her experience as an Ordained Prophet, Elder, Evangelist, Conference Speaker & Teacher includes over 25 years enrichment and development, which has led to the transformation and restoration of innumerable lives across the globe.

Licensed Realtor & Coach

Melinda Miller has served the Real Estate Industry at a spent 22 Years as a Realtor, Trainer and Mentor. S, CRLS, Relocation Specialist, and Luxury Agent serving Residents & Investors and in DFW. She serves as a part of Women's Council of Realtors. Melinda has been training and coaching agents while leading a team with her husband Dennis Miller. She is a global property specialist with various partners all over the globe to assist her sphere of influence with Real Estate assistance.

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